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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That was FAST

This morning the kids were having free play. This time of day can get a little loud and crazy. We had several children playing in the house, a few doing blocks, and some doing their own thing. We had Gak available for those who wanted it at the table.
A little side note for those of you who don't know what gak is: basically a gelatinous slime that the kids can mold or shape like dough or let it puddle like slime. . .It's great!
There were about four children working with the gak and they all decided they wanted to cut it with scissors. We really don't mind this because the children are developing their fine motor skills.
Another Teacher and I were chatting as we watched the children play and work at the table. One of the little girls at the table bent down as if she was getting something off the floor. We thought nothing of it, that she had just dropped some gak. Moments later a HUGE chunk of hair came floating out from under the other side of the table! The other teacher and I looked at each other and screamed, " (Insert name here) get out from under that table"! I was unsure of what we would see when she emerged. Would she be bald in front? Would just one side be cut? She popped out from under the table with a huge smile on her face. I looked. She had cut off most of her little pony tail that was sitting on top of her head.
The other teacher began to tell her that we don't cut our hair, and we took the scissors away from the other children.
The little girl just continued to smile and said, " I cut my own hair, I know I shouldn't. . . but I did"
We called her mom later on to let her know and all mom did was laugh.
So, no more scissors for her for awhile!

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